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Licensing   Every foreigner operator is available to take the temporary amateur radio license in Vietnam. There are 04 requirements in the proceeding as following: Application form to obtain the temporary license for using the transmitter and amateur radio frequency Full name: Date of birth: Nationality: Passport number:                         Issued date: Temporary address in Vietnam: Telephone number: Email address: Intended time of arrival to Vietnam: Intended time of departure from Vietnam: Type of transceiver and amplifier (if to be used): Output power of transceiver and amplifier:           W           W Using frequency bands: Using transmitted mode and band wide (10 HA1A, 2K7 J3E) Proposed output power: Location for installation of station: house number, street name, district name, City or province name (02 or 03 addresses available) Operation through satellite: Yes ( ) or No ( ) Proposed callsign: The Amateur radio operator’s Certificate number: Issued da


Hình ảnh
INITIATION The Vietnam Amateur Radio Club is a social organisation non goverment and no benefit. Its objective is to assemble a part of people liked science and technic about electronic and communication and connected with all friends on the high frequency wave. Here is the hobby, intelligence and usefulness for a lot of people. The amateur radio activity has had began at Dec 21th 1989 by the Japanese amateur radio team under Mr. Jiro Miyoshi (JA3UB) is Leader  with 03 members as Mr. HirotaKa Araki (JA3AYU), Mr. Yutaka Tanaka (JH3DPB) ang Mr. Hiroshi Kozu (JA3KZ). They came to HoChiMinh city in very bad and difficult situation and there was the newland for the Vietnameses. Mr. Jiro Miyashi (JA3UB) in front, Mr. Hirotaka Araki (JA3AYU) right, Mr. Yutaka Tanaka (JH3DPB) left Since 25 years ago, the VARC has arranged 10 amateur radio training courses for 150 beginners, but in recently date there are only 28 transmitted OMs included 16 Vietnameses and 12 foreigners located on Ha