Every foreigner operator is available to take the temporary amateur radio license in Vietnam. There are 04 requirements in the proceeding as following:
  1. Application form to obtain the temporary license for using the transmitter and amateur radio frequency
    1. Full name:
    2. Date of birth:
    3. Nationality:
    4. Passport number:                         Issued date:
    5. Temporary address in Vietnam:
    6. Telephone number:
    7. Email address:
    8. Intended time of arrival to Vietnam:
    9. Intended time of departure from Vietnam:
    10. Type of transceiver and amplifier (if to be used): Output power of transceiver and amplifier:           W           W
    11. Using frequency bands:
    12. Using transmitted mode and band wide (10 HA1A, 2K7 J3E)
    13. Proposed output power:
    14. Location for installation of station: house number, street name, district name, City or province name (02 or 03 addresses available)
    15. Operation through satellite: Yes ( ) or No ( )
    16. Proposed callsign:
    17. The Amateur radio operator’s Certificate number:
      1. Issued date:
      2. Expired date:
      3. Operating class
    18. Addition information:
  2. Passport copy with the official declaration by the Lawyer or Legal Bureau to confirm that the copy is the same of the original passport. Here is attached 04 kinds of copy for example:
    Example 1
    Example 2
    Example 3
    Example 4
  3. The Amateur Radio operator’s examination Certificate The main meaning of certificate is to show your operating class. Here is attached 06 kinds of Certificate in some countries for example:
      Certificate in Sweden
Certificate in Italia
Certificate in France
Certificate in Japan
Certificate in ARRL
Volunteer examination Certificate from ARRL-USA

If you want to take the temporary license with your owner’s name, you have to send these 03 documents to VARC before 02 months of arrival by registered mail.
If you don’t have enough time, you can send it by email before 01 month of arrival. You can take your owner license but you have to come HCM city about 02 working days earlier. Otherwise, you can use only the rental license from a local operator with your proposed callsign and location.
IV. The license fee and service fee: The license fee is included the formal permission paper and the radio frequency management fee. It depended on the number of bands and operating time.
The service fee is included the postage stamp, telephone, fax, internet and taxis rate.
So that the license fee and service fee for one month with 10 bands is 50USD.
And the license fee and service fee for one year with 10 band is 180USD.
These fees have to pay in advance by account address of Asia Commercial Bank – Branch Saigon (ACB-Saigon)

- Nguyen Bac Ai:
- Bui Quang Huy:

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