The Vietnam Amateur Radio Club is a social organisation non goverment and no benefit. Its objective is to assemble a part of people liked science and technic about electronic and communication and connected with all friends on the high frequency wave. Here is the hobby, intelligence and usefulness for a lot of people.
The amateur radio activity has had began at Dec 21th 1989 by the Japanese amateur radio team under Mr. Jiro Miyoshi (JA3UB) is Leader  with 03 members as Mr. HirotaKa Araki (JA3AYU), Mr. Yutaka Tanaka (JH3DPB) ang Mr. Hiroshi Kozu (JA3KZ). They came to HoChiMinh city in very bad and difficult situation and there was the newland for the Vietnameses.
Mr. Jiro Miyashi (JA3UB) in front, Mr. Hirotaka Araki (JA3AYU) right, Mr. Yutaka Tanaka (JH3DPB) left
Since 25 years ago, the VARC has arranged 10 amateur radio training courses for 150 beginners, but in recently date there are only 28 transmitted OMs included 16 Vietnameses and 12 foreigners located on Hanoi, Haiphong, Danang, Nhatrang, Phanthiet, Vungtau, Cantho and HCM city.
Amateur Radio Operating course Mar 24th 1997.

Amateur Radio Operating course class General Apr 06th 2000.

Amateur Radio Operating course class General Apr 06th 2000.


- At first the Amateur Radio Club of HCM city was established according to the Decision number 0124/QD dated January 24th 1996 issued by the Radio – Electronic Association of HCMC.
- Then the Radio – Electronic Association of Vietnam issued the Dicion number 020714/QD dated July 14th 2002 to founding the Vietnam Amateur Radio Club on the basis of raising the Amateur Radio Club of HCMC.
Founding Ceremony of Vietnam Amateur Radio Club Oct. 19th 2002.
 - After 05 months for observation and collection the vote sheet of Society members all the world, the IARU issued the formal letter dated April 07th 2003 to certify the VARC became the country society member. This decision was in force from April 04th 2003.
- At the Decision number 255/QD-CTS dated September 19th 2008 of the Radio Frequency Directorate belonging to the Ministry for Information and Communication to admit the VARC as an organization with fully condition to arrange the ham radio training course, examination, issue or making an extension of Certificate all classes for the amateur radio operators.
- The VARC is active in depending on 02 legal documents issued by the Decision number 18/2002/QD-BTTTT dated April 28th 2010 about “the detail regulation and guidance for the formalities to provide the license for using the radio frequency, rent or borrow the radio equipment, using the radio frequency together”.
According to the legal documents above, the VARC is an unique being admitted fully condition to organize many amateur radio activities inside and outside country.
Examination for Operator class B Jul. 15th 2008.


- Using the transceiver of amateur radio station to communicate with the other amateur radio stations inside and outside the country by voice or Morse signal such as the method of finding a lot of friends all the world. Content of the conversation is without economic, politic and secure meaning, but it is very easy to discover the human first aid situation in order to look for the necessary help.
- Carry-out and learning the electronic communicated technic in order to self-assemble the machine from simple to complicated or searching improved and added the recently equipment in the market.
- To participate the international communication contest (IARU-HF World Championship contest_XV2HQ); the dx-pedition on island (IOTA), the dx-pedition on desert area (JOTA).
- To participate the other amateur radio activities such as operating on VHF and UHF, slow scan TV (SSTV), communication between Earth-Moon-Earth (EME), satellite communication, watch for a small hydrogen balloon in flying position by amateur radio signal, control an aircraft model by amateur signal, …


- Every Vietnamese citizen from 15 years old above, clear-cut curriculum-vitae, without previous sentence and prehappening.
- To pass-over the examination of the secondary education school (class 9).
- Foreign language level: English level A.
- To pass-over the examination of the amateur radio traing course and receiving the amateur radio examination Certificate by the VARC.
- Application to obtain the license for using the transmitter and amateur radio frequency by the Radio Frequency Directorate belonging the Ministry for Information and Communication od Vietnam (see licensing file).


The foreign amateur radio operators visiting Vietnam for tourist, business and longlife can take the ham license to operating in Vietnam. The itinerary of applicant has to send the application form, the passport-copy with the formal confirmation by the Administrative Officer and the Amateur Radio Examination Certificate to the Radio frequency Directorate (see Licensing file).
To summary there are some basic knowledges for the activity of the VARC.
There are the files continuously such as the formality of applicant to obtain the ham license, historic stories, Ham Radio activity, list of familiar operators and daily information.
The VARC would like very much to keep in touch with all sincerely friends liked amateur radio hobby.

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  1. Do you know how long to obatin a license and permit to operate the club station while I am visiting there in a month from now ?

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